Camping Activities: A Comprehensive Guide To Fun Games

Whether you camp in a tent or a vacation home, it does not make any difference. These are merely the locations where you can sit and enjoy the evenings. Camping offers an opportunity for intense entertainment and activities. Moreover, it is a fantastic experience that you can tailor to your loved one’s interests based on the location and time of the year. It is not necessary to travel with everything to keep yourself busy. In fact, there are a plethora of camping activities for you and your family. Here is a comprehensive guide to enjoying camping activities that will help you not waste time thinking about which activities should be done while camping.

9 Best Camping Activities

It is not necessary that if you are a grown-up today, you cannot go camping. You can go camping. After reading this list of 9 best camping activities, you will surely miss being a kid again!

This unique list has something for everyone in your camping group that is divided into three main categories:

1. Campfire Games

2. Traditional Games

3. Energetic Games

You will not get bored while camping when you know about campfires, traditional, and energetic games. You can maximize every moment at the campground by taking advantage of these three entertaining camping activities.

Campfire Games

If you love to sit around a campfire playing a game, then the following list of campfire camping activities for you:

1. Name That Song

The first best campfire game is Name That Song. This game will both entertain and amuse on camping vacations with musical pals. There are several variations of this campfire game. Here is how to play this game:

If your group has a musician, they start playing their favourite song. Whoever identifies the song wins. If nobody in your group has musical skills, connect a phone to your portable speakers, and start playing. Try splitting up into teams if you are camping with a big group for fun.

2. Murder By Winking

The second best game that may be played while camping before the fire is murder by winking. You can have fun playing this game while camping. Playing around the bonfire is fantastic. The swirling shadows make some interesting allegations.

Here is how it is played- everyone around the campfire closes their eyes, and one person is selected to serve as the partial Godfather. Then, the Godfather goes around the group and touches the person they choose to be, the murderer, on the head. Everyone opens their eyes once the Godfather makes his choice. And the campfire talk continues as usual.

Then you die if the murderer winks at you. When you die, sit back down and bend over. If someone sees who is murdering, they can recognize the murderer and win the game. If you make a mistake, you die along with everyone else. Before everyone is killed, the murderer must be found.

3. The Voting Game

Another campfire game that you can play is the Vote game. This is one of the best camping activities that enables you to get to know those you live around better. This game is similar to voting on who will succeed in high school but a lot more interesting. You just need to go around the campfire and interrogate each other such as, “Who would beat an animal in a physical fight?”

Then, everyone can vote secretly on who they believe would win a physical fight with an animal. When all the votes have been cast, the person who asked the question will announce the result. How entertaining this campfire game is!

Traditional Camping Activities

You know which camping activities you can play while sitting around the campfire. Now, let’s see the classic camping activities. These camping games do not need an open area to play in. All these are a lot of fun to play, especially with groups.

4. Twenty Questions

This entertaining camping activity includes a minimum of four players. One person is assigned as the main answerer. The main goal of this classic game is to find out what the answerer is thinking. They can have only 20 questions. As long as no one can guess what it is or until they lack questions, everyone else takes turns answering yes or no questions.

Try to select an answer if you are the one giving it. This helps others in your group have an opportunity to guess it. It can be entertaining to fool everyone utterly, but you will have a better time if you stick to something you know.

5. Would You Rather

“Would You Rather” is another classic game. This game offers everybody a chance to have fun.  You can learn about fellow weekend adventurers by participating in one of the most demanding camping activities.

It always begins with “Would you rather?” You can make a funny inquiry such as, “Would you prefer to have tea or coffee?” You could also ask more personal questions like “Do you prefer to be silly or serious while attending official meetings?”

Energetic Camping Activities

After knowing the different campfires and classic camping activities, it’s time to look at active camping activities. These camping games need some open area to play in and some excitement from the players. All these are a lot of fun to play, especially with groups with a competitive streak. You don’t need anything fancy to mark out an area or court; a jumper or extra shoe would do just fine.

6. Line And Fielders

Line And Fielders is the most energetic and entertaining camping activity. This camping game combines tag and hide-and-seek. It is the best for a group of campers seeking to have some outdoor entertainment. The main goal of Line and Fielders is for the “Fielders” to capture the “Runners” before they get to the assigned safe zone. So, it would help if you appointed a team member to record the results. Its camping equipment list includes a bat and ball.

So, how is this game played? Divide the players into two teams, one of which chooses to bat. The batting team sets up behind the scattering fielding team. Then, the head coach throws the ball, and the batting team rounds the field. The player batting is stopped when the fielding crew comes together, and the final fielder says to stop. The team with the highest total wins. The team that bats take turns, then.

7. Ghosts

Ghosts is another active and suspenseful camping activity that adds a touch of excitement and mystery to the campsite. Ghosts, a rowdy game, is played at night or in dim light. Avoiding anything dangerous like fires would be best because the “ghosts” may roll around mindlessly. You can add more suspension in this game by including scary sound effects or campfire tales.

To play this game, divide the group into two teams, each with a tent. They use cunning to hide a member beneath a sleeping bag and try to recognize the other person. If they make the correct guess, they succeed. Everyone on the other team joins them once they succeed.

8. French Cricket

French Cricket is also an active camping activity. It is an enhanced version of Cricket played with a small team and does not need a large playing ground. In this game, the batsman protects his legs, and the bowler tries to hit his legs with the ball.

The batsman is positioned in the middle of the circle, their feet touching to start this active camping activity. The batsman who catches the ball from the bowler must hit away from their legs using a cricket bat. If they are successful, they continue as the batsman for the next round. However, they are out if they fail, and the bowler takes over as the new batsman.

9. Towerball

Towerball is the next exciting and entertaining camping activity that mixes tower construction and volleyball. It is like French Cricket, but this game does not need a bat. The goal behind this game is to make a tower together as a team using camping equipment and then play volleyball with the tower serving as the net.

A tower is placed on top of one another and has a defender. Players aim a tennis ball at the tower while standing in a circle around it. While the others pass the ball, the defensive player protects with his legs and feet. Then, the success of the tower decides its keeper, who builds again if necessary. The thrower currently in control of the ball assumes the role of a defender if a defender unintentionally smashes the tower.

Must-have Camping Equipment List For Camping Trip

Camping can be a thrilling experience, but being ready with the right gear is essential. A good camping experience relies on what you carry while camping. Here is a complete camping equipment list for a camping trip:

1. Good-Quality Tent

There is no problem if you like to sleep under the stars until the weather is clear. But unexpected rain storms can spoil your camping trip if you don’t carry a tent. Ensure you have a large, high-quality tent that protects you and your family from the wind. Never forget to take all of your tent accessories with you.

2. Sleeping Bags

At night, temperatures can drop sharply, and several insects are active. You can get itchy bug bites when you wake up. So, always carry sleeping bags with you since these bags help you to sleep comfortably.

3. Water To Keep Hydrated

Water is one of the most crucial camping necessities, which appears to deplete more quickly the farther you travel from town. And drinking from a river, pond, or lake can result in serious disease owing to bacteria. So, it would be best if you kept water bottles with you. While camping, take at least two liters of water each day.

4. Camping Stove For Cooking

Next on the camping equipment list is a camping stove. With a camping stove, you can cook at your campsite. And always remember to bring other cooking equipment, such as cooking utensils, knives, fuel, and resealable bags.

5. First-Aid Kit For Emergency

You will rarely suffer a serious injury while camping. But if you get injured, then you need bandages. In that situation, you must have a first-aid kit. Keep bandages and antiseptic available in case of minor wounds or scrapes that can get infected if not treated. And add sunscreen and insect repellent also in your first-aid kit.

6. Headlamps For Lighting

Although a campfire may be lovely and bright, its range is limited to around six feet. A small, battery-operated light is essential to find something inside your tent or use the bathroom at night. Headlamps are the best option due to their hands-free operation. So, remember to take extra batteries or charging equipment, and bring at least two light sources when camping.

7. Weather-Proof Clothing and Rain Jacket

When camping, you have a few clothes for changing. So, don’t forget to keep them dry if they get wet. Strolling with damp garments might not suit your health in colder locations. So, choose pants that fit several layers of clothes and a waterproof rain jacket.

8. Maps For Navigation

Avoid camping without a map for remote hiking because constant sun position changes can lead to lostness in forests. So, you will not get lost in the woods if you have a map. Having a map will ensure that you have a way to return.


As a concluding thought, camping provides a wonderful chance to commune with nature, unwind, and revitalize. You are free to plan your vacation with the help of this ultimate guide to entertaining camping activities. Every camper can plan their outdoor experience, whether it involves relaxing in water-based adventures, hiking routes, nature, or campfire stories. So gather all your camping equipment as mentioned above and begin an unforgettable camping trip with nature as your captain.

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